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For state-of-the-art bullion asset management, you’ve come to the right place. Our gold price application software solutions have been helping businesses stand out from the competition for over a decade. Why do many of the largest and most trusted online dealers in the world rely on our bullion software platform? Let us explain.

With our robust suite of data software solutions, you can maximize your profits. Increase your productivity and streamline your operations with the following data-driven insights:

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What Makes Us Different

We aren’t a company that repackages data. We provide client interaction and make ourselves available for contact and support. We’re a partner for your bullion asset management.

Metals API Data Feed

An abstract illustration meant to illustrate data feedsWhat it is

An easy-to-implement data feed for precious metals spot prices and gold rate API integration.

What it does

Our gold data feed provides consistency and reliability, sourced from reliable global data exchanges, so you can feel confident in your live data.

Additionally, our gold price APIs have built-in redundancies and internal monitoring systems. These bullion asset management programs are in place so you don’t miss out on profit. This is done by ensuring your website, product prices, and data-driven infrastructure never miss out on spot price movements.

And we understand that each business has its own process when it comes to bullion asset management. What works for one business might not be ideal for another. That’s why our gold data feed is customizable, allowing you more creativity and freedom. Therefore, whatever your approach, our gold price API will provide you with valuable information.

Consider these high-level perks of our gold data feed:

Product Pricing Catalog

An abstract illustration of the pricing capabilities of nFusion productsWhat it is

A dynamic pricing calculator administration tool that displays precious metals products and calculates prices. 

What it does

This real-time pricing engine can lock in margins and mitigate risk. This means ongoing pricing integrity, reliability, and the ability to synchronize rates across all your digital properties. The goal is to simplify the managing of multiple products from one central location.

Specifically, you can dynamically price up to 10,000 products on a variety of platforms. This includes websites, marketplaces, intranet, in-store displays, and mobile apps. Our precious metals live data feed makes customizing your catalog easy.

Consider these high-level perks of our product pricing catalog:

Spot Price Alerts

An abstract illustration of the spot pricing alertsWhat it is

Live spot price and spot price alerts for precious metals that seamlessly integrate with websites and mobile apps.

What it does

Sends branded alerts and notifications to your customers based on their specific purchasing needs. Our software is scalable and integrates with email, text, and mobile apps. Simply put, spot price alerts make it easy for your customers to buy and sell products. If your clients input their buy or sell price, our software does the rest.

It comes down to a matter of copying and pasting a simple script into your website. This implementation is seamless. Once up and running, our precious metal spot price alerts integrate with all major browsers and e-commerce platforms.

Additionally, this tool helps you fine tune your funnel. Clients need to sign in to access precious metals spot price alerts and our software captures their names and email addresses. And now you have qualified leads.

Charts & Widgets

An illustration of a blue circle with abstract line graphs. Used to helpWhat it is

Live, interactive, and mobile-friendly custom-branded charts and metals spot pricing widgets.

What it does

Our charts & widgets provide an advanced, interactive charting suite, powered by our precious metals APIs. View up-to-the-minute pricing information with our precious metals data feed API.

Ultimately, this is more than just a snapshot of current metal prices. Since customizable, you can demonstrate and show predefined calculations. This is done by taking real-time precious metals and gold data and displays it in intuitive graphics. These displays are easy to read and understand, helping to communicate market movements and investment opportunities to your customers.

Additionally, spot price tables can be customized and tailored to your products and specifications. These provide in-depth data visualization from our precious metals API.

Sales Channel Synchronization

Product Pricing Sync and Distribution

Sync your live gold spot prices and spot price-based product prices automatically. nFusion ensures that your spot prices and calculated bullion product prices are automatically synced across all your digital properties. This is done seamlessly, as our solutions integrate with e-commerce channels.

This is done via plugins, apps, extensions, and a robust suite of real-time precious metals and gold price APIs.

Image of Nfusion Solutions Gold Price Api pricing sync and distribution infographic.

Centralized Pricing Engine

Precious metals dealer dashboard

Your dashboard provides you with all relevant bullion product pricing information at a glance. View all your real-time bullion product prices in a clearly arranged list. As with our other products, our Product Pricing Catalog (PPC) is fully integrated with multiple e-commerce channels. This is achieved via plugins, apps, extensions, and robust suite of real-time, live gold price APIs. 

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Our charting suite is recognized as the standard in the precious metals market. Turn your site into a trusted authority overnight. With our simple copy-and-paste integration, you can stand out from the competition.

Our products help you quickly enhance your brand and add value for your clients through our gold price API and precious metals API.

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Better Data, Better Decisions


There’s a reason that our precious metals API and gold price API power more bullion dealers in the world than any other. That reason can be summed up in a single word—reliability. Before we were precious metals experts, we were data experts. We brought our extensive knowledge of sourcing global market data to the bullion dealer industry.

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Work smarter and more efficiently by sharing information across platforms. Our engineering team does all the hard work with a gold price API and precious metals API, so you can focus on your business.

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